Would You Trade Passion for Hearing?

“I don’t know what it’s like to be deaf, but I do know what it’s like when something is important to a person,” a new friend wrote. “I have a question for you, if God or man came up with a solution to restore your hearing, and in exchange you had to give up barefooting, which would you take? I’d bet the farm that you’d take the deal.”

To this new friend’s surprise, I’d take the barefooting over restored hearing.

You see, I’ve been deaf so many years now it is just a part of me. I’ve long moved past the stage of grief and into living. That doesn’t mean I still go through periods of time when I get down about the communication difficulties and wish for hearing. I had a lot of moments like that yesterday when I struggled to understand the conversations flowing around me at the barefoot tournament.  But to give up a passion? No can do. Now if I could have both, that’d be a different story…

This week’s guest post over at Lipreading Mom explores the topic of why going deaf became a blessing for me:

Why Going Deaf Was a Blessing for Me

Special thanks to Shanna Groves for sharing my story.

How about you– would you give up your passion if it meant being able to hear?

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  1. Virginia Beach
    Virginia Beach says:

    The way I look at it is this…

    Do I ever wish that I could hear? Yes…from time to time.

    Do I ever wish that I could be hearing? Nope…I’m happy with being who and what I am, thanks.

  2. Martin Klein
    Martin Klein says:

    I will not trade 1 million dollars for hearing. Then after getting that million dollars, I will simply get the very best hearing aid that money can buy.

  3. Debbie Jeffrey
    Debbie Jeffrey says:

    Not a chance. I’ve been writing all my life and it is part of my psyche. I couldn’t give it up in earlier when hubby wanted me to. The hearing issue came post-18 anyway. Goving forward with style, that’s my motto.


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