Do you want more joy in your life?

It may surprise you to know that passion and joy are entwined.

In fact, passion is your joy, as Jackie St. Onge once told me.

Take the Joy Quiz below to determine just how present joy is in your life and learn how you can raise the level of joy you experience on a daily basis.

What Others Say About Unwrapping Your Passion

Life is too short to live it any other way than a breath-taking adventure. Here’s a book that will help you do that.

Randy Gageauthor of Risky Is the New Safe

Karen’s courageous return to her passion decades after abandoning it—and the joy she continues to reap from having done so—is a story that inspires me greatly. We would all do well to be like Karen in this way. I’m glad she wrote this book so that her story and the other stories she shares can inspire you to max out your joy.

Shaun Proulxspeaker, author, columnist, radio/TV personality sharing a #ThoughtRevolution about personal limits

Karen walks this talk every day. Or maybe she barefoot skis it. You’ll love this adventure!

Chris BroganCEO Owner Media Group, Inc.

If you want to shift from being awake to being ALIVE, this is the book you must pick up and devour from cover to cover. Karen is the personification of doing whatever it takes to leverage the gifts one has been given and sharing one’s unique ability with strategic abandon. You were born to do something amazing. Unwrapping Your Passion teaches you how to identify what it is.

Steve OlsherNew York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born to Do

The time is now for you to embrace your true calling and follow your passion and purpose. Karen will inspire you to dig deeper to find your authentic self. Her powerful questions and engaging stories will bring you an understanding of your own passions and how to pursue them. Unwrapping Your Passion is a must read for anyone who is ready for a rewarding life doing what they are uniquely designed to do.

Jackie Wellwoodauthor of Lead With Your Integrity: Choosing toFollow Your Moral Code Regardless of Circumstances
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