The Handstand Lesson

Like a lot in life, we often see the end results of success instead of the struggle. 
When my daughter and I came across this piece of rock on a beach in Florida, I wanted to do a handstand on it. 
The first several tries resulted in a bunch of pictures with one foot or nothing. A couple of things were happening:
The rock sloped downhill. I was afraid I would fall forward or backward into more jagged rock. 
I had just started doing handstands a few months ago– more than 30 years after I did my last one. I didn’t trust my ability to do it. 
So my daughter suggested trying the handstands uphill instead. 
It worked. After a few practices, I had the confidence to try it downhill and that’s the picture you see here. 

So in life, if at first you come up to a challenge, change the way you approach it. Try something different. Practice. Gain the skill. Above all, persist.