The Passion Book

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I’ve got a new book coming out in July 2017.

You’ll like this one. It’s about…passion.

How to unwrap your passion and create the life you truly want.

I spent the last several years asking a lot of people about passion. I took all the lessons I learned and put them in this book. It was a lot of FUN to write this one, because when you interview passionate people about the stuff that … keep reading

Unwrapping Your Passion: Interview with Carole Cannon

carole cannon

When I met Carole Cannon at a Passion Test workshop, we connected immediately. Every bit of Carole screams PASSION! Carole’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. Carole lost her last child from a placenta abruption during childbirth and almost lost her own life as well. Her husband died of a heart attack at the age of 42, leaving Carole to raise their five children alone.

Carole found her passion at a rummage sale. Someone … keep reading

The Speaker Journey

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A year ago, I embarked on a journey of becoming a speaker. In reality, I had been speaking for years and years, but I shifted my focus to specific topics and audiences. I especially wanted to target the areas of parenting, overcoming adversity, and passion.  It’s been a year of travel, learning, and lots of fun in the process. The best reward of all always comes in the form of feedback– smiles, laughter, or tears.  … keep reading

Unwrapping Your Passion, The Iron Jen Radio Show

Early this morning, I shared one of my favorite topics, “Unwrapping Your Passion” on the Iron Jen Radio Show with Jen McDonough. The show was captioned live, enabling deaf and hard of hearing people to join in.

Jen and I crossed paths over on Dan Miller’s site,   I was inspired and fascinated by her journey to becoming an Ironman athlete and her family’s journey to pay off over $200,000 of debt. In June, Jen … keep reading