The Passion Book

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I’ve got a new book coming out in July 2017.

You’ll like this one. It’s about…passion.

How to unwrap your passion and create the life you truly want.

I spent the last several years asking a lot of people about passion. I took all the lessons I learned and put them in this book. It was a lot of FUN to write this one, because when you interview passionate people about the stuff that … keep reading

What an ‘Old Lady’ Taught Me About Life

At the age of 44, I thought I was old.

I felt old.

I wasn’t looking forward to the years ahead. Aches. Pains. Wrinkles. Medicines. It seemed like everyone around me was slowing down and just going through the motions of each day, coasting until they could reach retirement. And for some, retirement simply meant they could watch their television programs anytime they wanted to.

So there I sat on my 44th birthday with tears … keep reading

Inspiring Mom Bloggers Virtual Summit: 21 Inspiring Interviews


As a mom of three kids, I often find myself trying to juggle 20 things while typing a text and cooking dinner–all at once! And oh hey–look, a kite! No, wait, make that a squirrel flying a kite!

If you find yourself juggling parenthood and you’ve lost yourself in the process, then you need to sign up for the Inspiring Mom Bloggers Summit!

I am honored to have been chosen by the summit host, Elayna keep reading

The Power of She: Don’t Put A Limit on What You Can Do



Five years ago, my husband Joe sent me a link that forever changed my life. It was a TODAY Show segment featuring Judy Myers, a 66-year-old barefoot water skier from California.

Barefoot Water Skier is Landing on her Feet at 66

Judy inspired me to get back on the water and dive back into my passion for barefoot water skiing. The “Old Lady” taught me many lessons on and off the water, including the … keep reading

The Speaker Journey

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A year ago, I embarked on a journey of becoming a speaker. In reality, I had been speaking for years and years, but I shifted my focus to specific topics and audiences. I especially wanted to target the areas of parenting, overcoming adversity, and passion.  It’s been a year of travel, learning, and lots of fun in the process. The best reward of all always comes in the form of feedback– smiles, laughter, or tears.  … keep reading

The Growing Bolder Lifestyle


Back in 2011, I discovered an awesome website called Growing Bolder.  I stumbled upon the Growing Bolder segment on Banana George while doing some research for the Gliding Soles, Lessons from a Life on Water book I was writing at the time. “It’s not about age, it’s about attitude,” was the Growing Bolder tagline.  “It’s an attitude. A mission. A passion. A team of people who believe in the power of hope, inspiration and … keep reading

More Pain Relief from Tommie Copper

Ever since the Tommie Copper infomercial hit the air, I’ve been crossing paths with others who are experiencing aches, pains, and injuries and finding relief from Tommie Copper products. I always love hearing those stories of pain relief because I remember all too well my own journey with a painful recovery from ACL surgery.


Recently, my barefooting buddy and Tumble Turn Coach, Bob Kraft shared his own journey of pain relief using Tommie Copper … keep reading

Tommie Copper: All in the Family

“I got up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t sleep so I turned on the TV and saw you barefooting,” my father-in-law said the other day.  That’s probably the first time he’s ever seen a video of me on the water.  No one on my husband’s side of the family is into water sports, so I’m probably the oddity in the family.  Or heck, in my neighborhood too. I often forget that barefoot water skiing is … keep reading

Life Recharged, Stories to Inspire You

When I first saw “Life Recharged,” the Tommie Copper TV segment on cable TV, I was completely blown away.  For the past couple of months, Keith St. Onge and I worked with the marketing team at Tommie Copper to film our stories for the TV segment. What the team created is beyond amazing. The 30-minute episodes are a true blend of storytelling, marketing, and product.

For more information on how I discovered Tommie Copper:


keep reading

Back to Blogging!

It’s been a long absence, but I’m back to blogging here! My site was attacked by a nasty malware and it took quite some time to clean it up and get it functioning again.  Meanwhile, I did my blogging over at ChicagoNow, where one of my posts went viral: Harry Styles Signs to Deaf Fans at a One Direction Concert.  Yes, a simple post about a One Direction concert hit the number two spot … keep reading