What an ‘Old Lady’ Taught Me About Life

At the age of 44, I thought I was old.

I felt old.

I wasn’t looking forward to the years ahead. Aches. Pains. Wrinkles. Medicines. It seemed like everyone around me was slowing down and just going through the motions of each day, coasting until they could reach retirement. And for some, retirement simply meant they could watch their television programs anytime they wanted to.

So there I sat on my 44th birthday with tears … keep reading

Old Age–It’s a State of Mind


Every muscle ached when I sat down in the plane for the flight home. I had just left the World Barefoot Center in Winter Haven, Florida, where I spent a few days barefoot water skiing.

“What happened to your eye?” my son asked when he picked me up at Midway airport.

 “Ah, I fell backwards and popped a blood vessel,” I explained.

I was also sporting a colorful collection of bruises dotting my body and … keep reading

Reinventing Yourself at Any Age

boomers reinvented

“All our life experiences are building blocks to the next opportunity, to the next path, to the next journey, and it’s up to us to take that and go in that direction.”

 ~Karen Putz

I’m turning 50 this year and I am so looking forward to celebrating that milestone.

But at the age of 44, I felt quite the opposite about life. I was NOT looking forward to the years ahead. Life had become ho-hum … keep reading

The Power of She: Don’t Put A Limit on What You Can Do



Five years ago, my husband Joe sent me a link that forever changed my life. It was a TODAY Show segment featuring Judy Myers, a 66-year-old barefoot water skier from California.

Barefoot Water Skier is Landing on her Feet at 66

Judy inspired me to get back on the water and dive back into my passion for barefoot water skiing. The “Old Lady” taught me many lessons on and off the water, including the … keep reading

What Barefooting Taught Me About Life

A year and half ago– March, 2010 — when I put my feet down on the water for the first time at the World Barefoot Center, I had no clue how much my life was going to change from that moment. That morning, I almost wanted to chicken out. I was nervous about being in a boat with people I didn’t know, I didn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit, and deep … keep reading

Karen Putz in Ability Magazine

Check out the current issue of Ability magazine, featuring “Standing on Her Own Two Feet,” which chronicles my return to barefoot water skiing.  The story also features Keith St. Onge, but unfortunately, they left out Judy Myers!   It was the hubby who found the link to the Today show segment that lead me to Judy Myers, who lead me to Keith and the World Barefoot Center.  Life did a 180!  Thank you, … keep reading

Karen Putz Barefooting on Growing Bolder TV

Bill Shafer and cameraman, Jason Morrow from Growing Bolder TV did a great job capturing the story of how I met Judy Myers and Keith St. Onge at the World Barefoot Center.  You can see my very first, sort-of-official backward barefoot start (with no shoes!)– but don’t blink, or you’ll miss me keeling right over two seconds later.

Find more inspiring video, audio, and images at Growing Bolder.

Filming at the keep reading

Karen and Judy’s Story: Growing Bolder on PBS

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Shafer from the TV show, Growing Bolder, which is broadcast on PBS stations nationwide.  Bill, and cameraman, Jason Morrow, were on hand at the World Barefoot Center to capture the story of how I met Judy “The Old Lady” Myers and went back to barefoot water skiing after becoming deaf from a barefooting fall as a teen.   Bill is the Executive Vice President of Growing keep reading

Women’s Barefoot Week Featured in Waterski Magazine

Back in November, 2010, I spent a week barefooting with gals from all over the U.S.  We gathered at the World Barefoot Center for a week of fun skimming on the water.  Waterski magazine joined us for a morning and took a snapshot of all of us barefooting off two booms, two boats (see below).   The article and short clip about my return to barefooting are in the March issue of Waterski magazine.

Waterskier magazine … keep reading

Losing Weight — A Work in Progress

At the beginning of this year, I joined Loser Moms in an attempt to lose weight for barefoot water skiing.  I was heading down to the World Barefoot Center in March and I wanted to lose a few pounds before getting on the water.   Part of the requirement to join was to post a picture on a personal blog.  So with a heavy (yeah, pun intended!) heart, I went searching for a picture to post.   … keep reading