Phillies Take the Championship

Yes, I know I grumbled about baseball earlier.  I wasn’t too happy about having to first postpone and then drive back home from our vacation up in Michigan.   But the drive back was oh-so-worth it: the Phillies won the championship game yesterday.

Steven was the first batter up and he cracked a nice triple:

The Phillies and the Angels battled back and forth until the sixth inning.  They were tied, seven to seven.  Steven was playing first base and he attempted to make a double play, but the ball sailed over the third baseman’s head.  The Angels scored a run.  Steven’s face fell and my heart ached for him.  I have to give credit to our coaches– they kept their cool and maintained a positive outlook for the kids.

The Phillies were able to hold the Angels to one run and then the Phillies went up to bat.  It was one out and the Phillies had two kids on base.  Jeremy, a brown-haired kid with an impish grin stepped up to bat.  He racked up two strikes and a ball.  The Angels pitcher fired a ball that was a bit high and Jeremy went for it.  I should actually say that he hacked it, because he swung his bat as if he was going for a pinata and the ball sailed in an arch, bounced hard at the edge of the infield and sailed into the grass between center and left field.

The Phillies rounded the bases and won the game, 9 to 8.

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