Karen Putz and Amy Derby Do Lunch

 I don’t remember who suggested it first, but I found myself writing down “lunch with Amy Derby” on my calendar last week.   Yesterday, I headed out to her town to pick her up.

I’m bad with directions, she wrote.  You might want to Mapquest it.

I’ve got a navigator in my van,  I told her.  I’m sure I can find it.

I dutifully followed the directions and found myself lost.  The numbers didn’t match up.  Thank goodness for good ‘ole texting, as I found Amy a quarter mile away, standing on a street corner hammering away at her iPhone.

Meeting someone for the first time is often awkward, but I think Amy and I hit it off pretty quickly.  For one thing, we instantly bonded over hearing aid batteries.  She needed a hearing aid battery and I had a stash of different sizes in my purse.  We headed over to Chilis, but because I was driving and reading lips at the same time, we ended up in the Baker’s Square parking lot.  Neither of us noticed, until we swung open the doors and saw a showcase of pies facing us.  We laughed, and walked next door to Chilis.

It was heaven to connect with another writer and talk about the daily stuff that’s involved with churning out words.    Heaven to bounce ideas off of someone who could give an honest answer (even if it was, “I don’t know”).  And boy, was it fun to talk about all the people we know on the ‘net and how we got to know them.

So, if you don’t know Amy Derby, head on over to her blog, Write From Home and take a moment to get to know this sassy, talented writer.

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  1. Amy Derby
    Amy Derby says:

    Um, Karen honey, you were supposed to doctor up the picture, remember? 🙂

    I had a great time. First time I’ve met a writer blogger online, and it was only appropriate that I do it from a street corner. If it makes you feel any better, that’s also where we pick up our pizzas. The pizza hut guy can’t find my apartment either.

    Also fun to be able to say “I don’t know” a lot. That opportunity doesn’t come up very often!

    Amy Derbys last blog post..6 Obstacles to a 6-Figure Freelance Writing Income

  2. Connie
    Connie says:

    So happy that you two met over lunch. Sounds like you hit it off just fine! I recently had the same opportunity and am looking forward to meeting other bloggers one on one or at a conference in the near future. Enjoy your friendship 🙂

  3. DeafMom
    DeafMom says:

    Yeah, I was going to photoshop 30 pounds off so I didn’t look like an elephant next to tiny you. Maybe I’ll become a vegetarian instead.

    I’m honored to be the first blogger-in-the-flesh! 🙂

  4. Kara
    Kara says:

    Looks like you both had a blast-I’d love to have been the third wheel:-)
    On a totally random side note, I’m so thankful to have read the other comments. Now I’m even MORE pumped for the new season of Super Nanny….as if I needed another reason to stay home on Friday nights!

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