John Denver Song Makes Me Think of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children

I spent the afternoon playing around over at Overstream, learning how to add captions to a video.  I figured that it was time to learn, especially since Stephen Hopson and Glenda Watson Hyatt will be joining me to present at SOBCon’09 and we’ll be talking about web accessibility.

I selected a John Denver video, Children of the Universe, since I know that song by heart.  But there was another reason for me to choose that song:  it always makes me think of deaf and hard of hearing children.  How different we all are, yet we are all brothers and sisters.  As different as we are, we make up one universe. 

“To understand that life is more than always choosing sides.”

It’s captioned. Enjoy!

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  1. Karen Putz
    Karen Putz says:

    At first, I was really overwhelmed, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy!

    @Glenda It sure does embrace diversity– pretty much the same way John Denver did.

    @Jim John Denver is probably the ultimate favorite for me– I think I’ve memorized about 90% of his 300+ songs.

    @Bill Wow, I’ve been added to the Bill Creswell Hall of Fame! 🙂

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