Inspiring Mom Bloggers Virtual Summit: 21 Inspiring Interviews


As a mom of three kids, I often find myself trying to juggle 20 things while typing a text and cooking dinner–all at once! And oh hey–look, a kite! No, wait, make that a squirrel flying a kite!

If you find yourself juggling parenthood and you’ve lost yourself in the process, then you need to sign up for the Inspiring Mom Bloggers Summit!

I am honored to have been chosen by the summit host, Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM, to be able to share my journey from pain to passion, give some insider tips on unwrapping your own passion, and inspire you to live a life of fun and joy! I met Elayna at a Passion Test training and I’ve been completely inspired by her journey–Elayna built her business as a single mom and rose to incredible success. She is now married to an amazing fellow and she helps others with their entrepreneurial dreams.

On this summit, you will also hear 20 of the most inspiring moms in the blogosphere share their stories and how they overcame obstacles in their way and turned their pain into their purpose.

I know that when you sign up for the Inspiring Mom Bloggers summit you will laugh, cry, and learn from all the inspiring, motivating, and uplifting messages that will be shared and that many lives will be touched.

This summit starts January 5th and there will be a new speaker each day sharing their trials and triumphs with balancing mompreneurship, motherhood and everything in between! Topics include Balance, Finances, Conquering Fears, Health, Fitness, and Weight, Empowering Thoughts and Words, Marriage and Relationships, Grief,  Single Motherhood, Postpartum Depression, Unexpected Life Changes, Handling a Miscarriage, Healing Autism, Finding Joy in Physical Pain, Overcoming Obstacles, No Regrets SAHM, Overcoming Abuse, Homeschooling Expectations, and much more!

There is NO COST for this online summit. Transcripts will be available. You can join the summit here: Yes, count me in! 



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  1. Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM
    Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM says:

    I am so inspired by you, Karen, and I feel so blessed to have met you and even more to get to collaborate with you. Thank you so much for participating in the summit and sharing your inspiring story with other moms and writers. I have no doubt that your interview will touch many lives!

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