I Want to Live–Captioned Version

Dear Bill Creswell:

Thank you.  Thank you.  And thank you, again.

Back in June, I wrote a post over at Disaboom about how frustrated I was to navigate through You Tube videos without captions.  I shared one of my favorite songs and posted the lyrics in the blog. 

Along came Bill Creswell.  He left a comment:

“Don’t forget, I take requests at billcreswell.wordpress.com.  “My tagline is captioning the internet one video at a time” 🙂  I have this one in my  “queue”.

Time went by and the two of us became busy.  Yesterday, I found a wonderful post over at Bill’s blog– news that You Tube was enabling a captioning feature for users to add captions to their videos:

You Tube Adds Captioning Feature

So I left a comment and asked Bill about the John Denver feature and wondered if it was captioned.

Bill delivered. 

And so today, I want to share one of my favorite songs with my readers.  It is a John Denver song called, “I Want to Live.” Captioned.

add your captions on TubeCaption.com


Thank you, thank you, Bill for all the work you do. It is very much appreciated. May you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    Gosh karen, thanks for posting this! I loved listening to this and watching the captions. It made my day! Where can I find more like this? Thanks to Bill. . .


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