Howard Rosenblum, Attorney


Howard Rosenblum was just twelve years old when he attended an event that changed his life and determined his career path.  At the event, he met Lowell Myers, a deaf attorney who had argued a famous case which was made into a movie, Dummy.

Howard recalls the event:  “When he came to speak about his experiences as a lawyer at an event in 1978, a twelve-year-old deaf boy saw the same opportunity that Mr. Myers saw for himself. That boy was me, and thanks to Mr. Myers, I became a lawyer 14 years later.”

Today, Howard is a Senior Attorney at Equip for Equality located in Chicago– a non-profit organization that advances the human and civil rights of people with disabilities.   He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona and a J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law.  He is the founder and director of the Midwest Center for Law and the Deaf which provides attorney referrals for deaf and hard of hearing people.  In 2002, he received the Edward J. Lewis II Pro Bono Service Award for providing many years of pro bono work during his tenure at the law firm of Monahan and Cohen.

Howard credits his parents for encouraging him to pursue his dream and to ignore the naysayers.  Just as Myers inspired Howard, Howard is now inspiring other deaf and hard of hearing individuals with his path.  The number of deaf and hard of hearing attorneys continues to grow, and together, they’re breaking down barriers.

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  1. Dorothy
    Dorothy says:

    Please help me or give me best advise…..there are alot issues that I need to speak with you on vp (Howard A Rosenblum)
    Family Court didn’t give me an interpreter 10 times & they are igorned my rights since 2005. Plus I won criminal court with no law sued they failed no interpreter.
    please this is so important for me to talk w/ u – my court date is oct 20 2009 in white plains family court. Thank you for your time & patience with me…hope to see ur email or vp me 914 214 4839 my name is Dorothy Silva

  2. Richard Elem
    Richard Elem says:

    I am a hearing-impaired attorney. Can you tell me how I can contact Mr. Rosenblum? I am very interested in speaking to him.

  3. Karyn
    Karyn says:

    I need to talk to Howard Rosenblum about a deaf friend who is going to jail for not letting his little daughter to wear cochlear implant. Her mother is suing him for that. Please have him contact me ASAP. Thanks!

  4. Marc Roer
    Marc Roer says:

    This serves as a reference to just how wonderful Howard is. When my wife passed away, he was there to assist me with legal advice and counsel both as a paid and pro honor attorney. Howard signifies what every attorney SHOULD be and he sets the example of excellence and honest so rarely round in this profession. If I knew him when I was younger, I probably would have pursued my dream of getting into legal counsel, but knowing him fullfills that dream. Seek him out because you will always get the right answer from him.

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