Gliding Soles: It’s Not About Barefooting, It’s About Life

Gliding soles cover

A first glance, you might think Gliding Soles, Lessons from a Life On Water is a book about barefoot water skiing. It certainly looks like that, with a cover shot of two-time World Barefoot Champion Keith St. Onge gliding on one foot. And two years ago, when I first started writing the book, I had a scary thought: “Who’s going to read a book about barefooting, except barefoot water skiers?”

Gliding Soles turned out to be so much more.

Do you know what it’s like to have a dream? To have a passion for something so deep it burns something fierce inside of you? To have a goal so big it seems impossible at times?

Do you know what it’s like to stumble and fall? Yeah, we call that “faceplanting” in barefooting, but surely you’ve encountered times in life where nothing is going according to plan and you’re not sure if you’re even on the right plan in life. You’ve probably had times in your life when you’ve wondered if it was time to give up on your dreams and throw in the towel. Or maybe you’ve met with nothing but roadblocks on your life path.

That’s what Gliding Soles is about. It’s about the lessons learned on the journey of life. To me, the most poignant lessons of life always come from the people you meet on your journey and in this book, there are many.  The most heart-touching is the story of Patrick Wehner, who gave Keith a quote card which changed his life and the lives of others in the book. I won’t give away any more– let’s just say you’ll need to pick up Gliding Soles to read the rest of the story.

Dave Ramsey, Tom Ziglar, and Dan Miller have read the book and shared their enthusiasm for Gliding Soles:

 “I have been a barefoot water skier since age 16.  I never learned the right way to do things, so I got Keith St. Onge to spend a week with me, my son, and some guys to show us how it’s done and teach us some tricks. As my family and I spent time with Keith, getting to know him on and off the water, what really impressed me more than anything was this guy’s character, his integrity and his relentless determination to succeed. I learned a lot from him, and you will too. This book is must read for anyone who wants to win in life.”

 Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host 


“Too many people walk away from their passion with the negative belief that pursuing it would be unrealistic.  Keith skied right toward his passion and has a life of purpose and meaning as a result.  A great example for all doubters and small thinkers.”

Dan Miller, Author and Life Coach (


“Gliding Soles is a powerful book about life detailing the many steps, choices, and falls Keith St. Onge took on his way to becoming World Champion.  I highly recommend it for everyone.  Why?  Because Keith’s story is really your story.

Life is tough and we all take some hard falls along the way.  The key is getting up, making a better choice, and getting back on your feet.  This book will encourage you to do just that no matter what your goals are in life.”

Tom Ziglar, Proud son of Zig Ziglar, President of Ziglar Inc. 

We were honored to have our first two reviews from Steve and Diane Brogan from Mom Pop Pow.  They had just moved into a new home and were still unpacking when they sat down to read Gliding Soles. Their wonderful words warmed my heart and made me cry.  Because you see, after two and half years of working on this book, we learned that writing a book is just 10% of the process, the other 90% is getting readers to crack open the book.

So we wrote this book for everyone out there who has hopes, dreams and passions–no matter where you are on your life path. At the end of the book, we’ve included a piece in inspiration that we’d like you to include in your life and then pass it on to others. Grab a copy today (the PDF version is here), and let us know about the ripple of inspiration that begins with you– email us at:

The only shot we captured before I faceplanted