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I’ve been writing for the Chicago Tribune TribLocal and the Chicago Now blog since fall of 2010. It has been fun seeing my stuff in print and online.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Kristi McNaron and Laura Ball from The Dave Ramsey Show about their weight loss success. This is a wonderful, inspiring story of friendship:

Co-Workers Lose 150 Pounds Together

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From the TribLocal:

The Importance of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Role Models

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3 replies
  1. Jeanie
    Jeanie says:

    My sis, Karen is such an inspiration! I one day, at age ten went to church and asked God for a “baby sister”.

    My prayer was answered. Little did I expect to be the older sister looking “up” to my baby sister to be the one to go to for advice…inspiration and motivation.

    When we do get together despite her very busy schedule, I walk away envious that she is living her dreams that I wish I had done.

    Proud? Ya’betcha! You go, girl!

  2. kathy hoffman
    kathy hoffman says:

    Please warn parents that although snow caves may look like fun they could be putting their children in danger. These tunnels are potentially a hazard. They could collapse leaving their children buried under the snow. Not worth the risk.

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