Create a Life You Love

Imagine waking up each morning excited to start the day because you know it will be filled with joy, fun, and happiness.

You can absolutely have this kind of life. It’s not a pipe dream, but it will require change.

Think about it; you can change three things:

Your thoughts.

Your attitude.

Your actions.

Victor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, wrote about this in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, which the Library of Congress lists … keep reading

So You Want to Write a Book, But Have No Idea How to Start

write a book

So you want to write a book but you really have no idea how to start…

Or maybe you’re just procrastinating because it’s easier to put things off than to face a blank page and thought paralysis.

I know…

I’ve been there.

There’s really no other way to begin–you simply have to write.

Just start. The words may be a few jumbled thoughts at first. You might have a vague idea of what your book … keep reading

Soulotravel, Travel that Feeds the Soul

Last year, I took a personality test and the results surprised me. 


At first, the letters meant nothing. Despite two college degrees in counseling, I hadn’t paid attention to psychological tests in my training. After reading the description of this personality type, so many parts of my life suddenly clicked into place.

Growing up hard of hearing, I struggled to fit in and be like everyone else with normal hearing. I felt like I … keep reading

Lessons from 25 Years of Marriage

joe and karen

When I first met my husband-to-be, I knew within two months of dating that I wanted to marry him.

It took him a bit longer. He realized it around six months in. We were only 19 and 20 at the time, but we waited five years to tie the knot. We had to get college out of the way first.

In 2015, we took off to California to celebrate our 25th anniversary. As we watched … keep reading

You Can’t Plan Adventure

I’ve entered a new season on the parenting journey: I’m now a mom of three young adults. This phase has required a shift in my parenting experience, one that requires a new skill set. It requires letting go and stepping back versus the heavy guidance of earlier years. 

And it’s hard. 

I keep wishing I could step back in time, to hold them once again as toddlers and revel in the innocence. 

In this season … keep reading

Why Passion Matters

“I think I’m having a mid-life crisis,” my friend said. “I need something new, something different.”

My friend has worked the same job since college. He liked his job well enough; he had been doing it so long that he could go through all the motions blindfolded. The job provided well for his family. 

I understood his yearning for something different in life. I saw it in myself six years ago. Life was good, but … keep reading

The Gift of a Brand New Day

Every morning when you wake up, you’ve been given the gift of a brand new day. 

Begin with gratitude. Thankful thoughts combined with deep breaths will awaken your senses better than coffee. (I’m not a coffee drinker so my husband disagrees with me on this one.)

My daughter and I recently experienced a silent meditation with a group of women. We greeted each other in silence, we sat for 90 minutes together in silence, we … keep reading

What Are You Willing to Do to Create the Life You Want?

“I want to write a book.”

“I want to start my own business.”

“I want to be an actor.”

“I want to move to California.”

“I want to retire.”

“I want to…”

What’s on your “Someday List?”

You know the one…the one that has all the things you’re putting off for some day in the future. 

I’m a wonderful procrastinator. My father used to say, “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” … keep reading

A Living Memorial Instead of a Funeral

grandma on boat 2

My mom didn’t want a funeral. She didn’t even want a memorial service.

Mom was battling congestive heart failure. You can live a long time with this condition and no one really knows how fast or slow it can progress. And my mom was tough. Resilient. Persistent. She battled through every symptom with aggravation at first, then grit.

She was in and out of the hospital so many times the last two years that it … keep reading