The Greatest Relationship-Building Tool


dad dying


When my father died, I received a card that changed my life. You see, just a few days before he passed, I posted a picture of our hands clasped together. A friend saw the picture, put it on the front of a card, and sent it to me with heartfelt words of condolences inside.

I received many beautiful cards from friends, but this one had me in tears. No store-bought card could hold a candle to the card that held a precious picture capturing my father’s last days.

“How did you do that?” I asked.

Turns out, she used a revolutionary company that is changing the whole greeting card and gift industry. I immediately became a distributor. (And yes, if you click on that link, it will take you to my distributor page.)

But the real reason I’m sharing this here is to explain how this simple act of sending cards can change your life and lead you to some awesome relationships. Because you see, when you send a card or gift to someone, you’re probably going to brighten up their day– and perhaps even change THEIR life, too. Most of our trips to the mailbox often involve junk mail or bills, so receiving a heartfelt card will bring some awesome energy to someone’s day.


Think back to the last time you INTENDED to send someone a card. Perhaps you wanted to say thank you, or celebrate a special occasion, or reach out in support…but the moment passed and then you just became too dang busy to run to the store, sit down and write, and then drop it off at the post office.

Or maybe you didn’t have any stamps…

Now, imagine this instead:

You’ve met someone new and you want to stay in touch. You’ve got this great selfie you took together. No problem–you whip out your card app on your phone, slap the selfie on the top of the card, write a cool paragraph with heartfelt words (in your own handwriting font, imagine that!!), click on their address, and send the card.

A few days later, this person gives you a call, texts you, or reaches out through Facebook and you’ve connected again.

Yup, you now have the greatest relationship-building app right on your phone!

And you can get it here:  Cards Anywhere